July 17, 2000 – June 14, 2015






          With the greatest sadness and broken hearts we have to tell you that our wonderful and lovely Sonata became an angel on Sunday, June 14, 2015. She had been bravely fighting for her life for more than 6 years. She loved everyone around her – her friends, her teachers, her doctors, her nurses. She enjoyed her life and always had a hope in life. As her mom and dad, her grandma and grandpa, we are proud of her! We are filled with the feelings that she is always near. We will keep all the happiness she gave us forever.

        我们怀着沉痛的心情向大家宣布我们的最爱 Sonata 在2015年6月14日离开了我们。在病痛折磨她的6年多里,她很勇敢地接受了一次又一次的治疗,忍受了常人难以忍受的痛苦,可她从来都没有哭喊过一次。她永远是把她最美的一面展现给大家。她喜欢我们这个家,喜欢她身边所有的人,包括她的亲戚、她的朋友、她的老师、她的医生和她的护士。她热爱每一天,对生活充满美好的梦想。即便在她病重的时候,她还是保持乐观,坚信将来一定会好起来。作为她的家人,我们为她骄傲。她走了,留给了我们永远的痛和无尽的想念。我们觉得她还一直在我们的身边。

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Julia Cheung wrote on 2015-06-24 at pm12:53
Dear Sonata

This morning. You had your new home. You are now sleeping comfortably in the new place, Can be held, and embraced, caressed by your loving family.

I wanted so much to come to your ceremony, but we respect your wish that the special time is only for your closed , beloved family. Although we are not physically there, you know we are with you.

I was reading the message from Sunnie, her casual talk with you, remembering all the good times and how much you mean to her. I cannot stop my tears though I am in the public.

I am honoured to have inspired you for the love of music. I am proud that because of me, you have been naming yourself as pig pig. Our ties are there, and our connection is lifelong. I will celebrate our love for this cute buddy.

Your laughter, stupidity, craziness, big eyes, touching piano music , big movement when playing piano, your everything, will be with me till the end of my life.

Don't forget my invitation to go shopping together. I still want to share so many small surprises to you. See you next time when I am in White Rock.

Teacher Julia
Sunshine wrote on 2015-06-24 at am9:57
Sunnie Li wrote on 2015-06-24 at am9:10
Dear Sonata,

I still remember the last time I saw you on March 3rd, 2015. I remember how tired you were after we had dinner and how you were in ‘piggy mode’. I also remember the last time we skyped on May 8th, 2015.

Now I am in China, I will be back in 4 days.

You may wonder: Why have I not send this earlier? My parents didn’t want to tell me yet because they didn’t want to shock me too much and therefore I was told that you were in the hospital but in a very serious situation. But I was still somewhat shocked because I always thought you were able to fight. And you did till the very end.

I remember the first time I heard you order your frappuccino, your mom couldn’t ever order for you because all the time, she would forget something and you would get all frustrated but in a playful and innocent way. True, I vaguely remember the list of orders for your frappuccino but I will never forget the way you ordered it and made sure you got it all right. Sometimes, we would joke about the waiter’s face and how she or he would ask you again and again.

I had so much planned, remember how you wanted to buy me the cotton candy frappuccino. I thought that everyday, we would go to either Indigo or Starbucks. After I would have gone to Qwanoes for summer camp, I planned to tell you all about it, my cabin mates, my counsellors, and all the activities.

I remember how you were planning on going to Hawaii with me in August. If I ever go there, I will always think of you and tell you everything. And if I get the dog or guinea pig we used to talk about, I will always remember you and how you would say you preferred a teddy with fur than without fur.

Do you remember our very last conversation on Skype? We compared the saxophone with the clarinet and we talked about the fingering and it lasted about 30 minutes. Even now, I don’t know how we were able to discuss this topic for such a long time.

No matter how long we chatted, we never had enough. I told you everything, if it was good news, you would laugh with me about it but if it was bad news, you would console me and tell me how to deal with it. What am I going to do now? Almost all of my books are recommendations from you. Now who will recommend my future books?

Though your illness is so strong, you got good grades and worked extremely hard. You were different, you never gave up and your voice was firm yet comforting at all moments.

Sonata, you are physically gone but you will never be gone from my heart. To be truthful, I have always thought you as my true sister. And I hope you feel the same way with me. I will never forget you.

May you rest in peace and always be happy.

With Love,

Your best friend, Sunnie
Rainer Li wrote on 2015-06-24 at am8:56
Dear Sonata,




她对我说,我为什么上次和Sonata Skype的时间那么短?

她找出了所有的Sonata 原来送给她的衣服,摩挲着,不舍着,告诉爸爸晚上她要搂着这些衣服睡觉。




她把家中的The fault in our stars 书找出来,告诉我这是Sonata最喜欢的书。她还找出了几本你送给她的书。她还告诉我有一本你送给她的书,借给同学后没有被归还。


以为她睡了,可她又回来蜷缩在爸爸怀里说:爸爸你知道吗?Astrid(法国学校的同学)是我的BF. 可是Sonata是我True Best Friend 。爸爸,我lost了我的True Best Friend .....


向明 wrote on 2015-06-24 at am7:32
亲爱的姐姐姐夫,还有我接触不多却一直为你感到骄傲的豆豆,及师基卫,向你们致去深切的慰问。请节哀!找不到任何语言能减轻你们失去心爱宝贝的悲痛。只好返回来寻找她留给我们能够照耀我们心灵的美好!久久看着珮云弹钢琴的身影,她手下流出让我们感动的音乐。这美丽的女孩不正是在用她全部的身心展现出她的灵魂让我们永远看见吗!人生苦短。逝去的人会留下五味杂陈。但是珮云留在人间的是纯粹的美,如此纯洁。我们虽然因为失去她而万分悲痛但是总还是有一种想起她就有了心灵被净化了的感觉。我们为此心里怀着深深的感激! 向明
海澄,海翔舅舅 wrote on 2015-06-24 at am6:58

ShuDehua wrote on 2015-06-24 at am5:53


红伟 wrote on 2015-06-24 at am1:36


peng gao wrote on 2015-06-24 at am12:49
宋京和师纪卫:惊闻年小的爱女去世,甚为悲痛。我也依稀记起很早时见过的那天真烂漫的女儿时的情景。当时女儿和父母爷爷奶奶在两层的house 快乐的玩耍依稀可见。此时此刻,我们的心于你们同在,请节哀保重,健康的生活下去。
KennyShao, Maggie Meng wrote on 2015-06-24 at am12:18





胖姨姥姥 wrote on 2015-06-23 at pm10:53
珮云:胖姨姥姥想你。为你祈祷。你花一样的容颜永留我心。天使回到天国,愿你一路走好,我心得以安慰。向你学习坚强坚强,战胜一切病痛。 2015 6 24。 胖姨姥姥
Tracie wrote on 2015-06-23 at pm10:45
There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said, but I am still glad to have made so many memories with you. Sonata, I hope you have a better time where you are now then when you were here. Maybe we'll meet again, in the future. I'll think of you whenever I walk to the library, or play The Game of Life, or see my ladybug PillowPet. I can't possibly convey my sadness well enough, even if we did Peter out towards the end. But you were always friendly and sincere, and I'm thankful for that. The impressions you left on people make me want to be a better person. I will miss you lots.

Gwen Oliver wrote on 2015-06-23 at pm10:13
Dear Shi family,
Your Precious Angel is at peace now and she wants the same for you.

Death leaves heartache no one can heal but love leaves memories no one can steal.

You are in my prayers, fondly Gwen (across the street)
Jenna Haylock wrote on 2015-06-23 at pm10:02
Dearest Sonata,

How does one find words to even come close to capturing the magic that was you?

I remember reading about your illness in your early days with us and being nervous to meet the patient behind the door with the scary diagnosis. Of course, upon opening that door for the very first time, I was greeted by a huge smile and that darling voice and I immediately knew how special you were. I felt honoured to be able to spend so many of my days and nights learning from you and laughing with you and your mom. It was a joke for us to see what "food" waited upon the meal trays or to joke about the evil yogurt stealers. You thought I was crazy for not liking your beloved bubble tea and various other fine delicacies you adored. It was a pleasure to watch you instruct a fair number of new residents how to perfectly perform a sterile flush of your tubes. Pizza parties and poem readings were some of the best days. Your expression and subsequent laughter after we put fish in your fake IV bags on April Fool's Day are funny moments we will never forget. You would joke about me having a lot of money (because I liked to take LOAs), but it was you who truly made my days at work so very rich.

You NEVER once complained. Through months of ups and downs, you never said you were anything other than “good" or “fine". You were always smiling. That is how we will all remember you, my dear, because we really didn't know you any other way.

We meet so many incredible children and wonderful families through our job, but I can truly say that the love, advocation, devotion and courage your family showed through your illness was unparalleled. Your days were filled with love and laughter and rooted so deeply in hope. It's no wonder you were such an incredible young lady. You all made us better nurses. Jane, you are unlike any other and I am a better mother because of you.

Sonata, you were loved beyond measure and made such a huge impact in your years. When I see cranes standing so tall in the sky, I will think of you and how you stood so valiantly in the face of your challenges. Thank you for the tremendous gift of knowing you.

With love,

爷爷奶奶 wrote on 2015-06-23 at pm8:40





陈春华 wrote on 2015-06-23 at pm7:53

Akshat Kapur wrote on 2015-06-23 at pm6:03
Dear Sonata,
It's great to see you through your parent eyes here and I thank them both for this opportunity.
You have inspired many on how to face adversity with a smile and have true internal peace.
You will be missed by many truly and of course your parents were absolutely your true advocates and you theirs.
It has been my privilege to look after you and I will always remember you as a sparkling angel.
Your wit was amazing and so was your kindness.
The April fool's day prank on 3F was just one of the many cheeky moments we shared together.
Will miss you and it is impossible to forget you.
姥爷姥姥 wrote on 2015-06-23 at pm4:09
我们要你!我们不想追忆,我们要实实在在的!我们紧紧地拉住你的小手不想放开,你停止了你的呼吸,撒手人寰,平静的离去了。你知道吗,你这一走把我们的心给掏空了。我们的心肝宝贝啊,我们泪在流,神在失,千言万语也表达不了我们的失落和无奈。我们傻了我们呆了语无伦次,什么都说不出来了,只有一个念头: 爱你!爱你!爱你!永远爱你!想你!念你!永远忘不了你,我们到处寻觅,却找不到你的踪影,我们只有朝天呼唤,爱你!爱你!永远爱你!思念你!心里永远只有你。拉不住你拽不住你,你却留下了爱你的我们,愿你在另一个世界里没有病痛健康幸福,记得陪伴你一生的我们吧
Sarah Fay wrote on 2015-06-23 at pm2:50
Dearest Sonata,

I have the most wonderful memories of caring for you on 3F. I found myself wanting to linger in your room to soak up your smile, your humor, a funny story or anecdote, and most of all your beautiful spirit. You are truly one of a kind.

You were blessed to have such a devoted and loving family, and it was apparent how much joy and pride you brought to them.

Your strength, positivity and resiliency inspired countless people throughout this hospital and no doubt beyond these walls as well. I will never forget our time together - your legacy lives on here at BCCH as every day when I come to work I look up at Apollo the crane and smile.

- Sarah xoxo
Mark Chilvers wrote on 2015-06-23 at am9:26
Dear Sonata
It has been a privilege to look after you over the last few years. Your positivity was inspirational. Every time I saw you I would be greeted by a huge smile as you told me everything was fine.
You also allowed me think about things from a different perspective and enabled me a to grow further as a physician.
What was also very apparent was the cheeky side to you! Over the years, I had the pleasure to see this through your impressions of the team looking after you. This was phenomenal and so spot on!
I try not to have favourite patients but you were one of the few. My thoughts are with you and your parents.

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