July 17, 2000 – June 14, 2015






          With the greatest sadness and broken hearts we have to tell you that our wonderful and lovely Sonata became an angel on Sunday, June 14, 2015. She had been bravely fighting for her life for more than 6 years. She loved everyone around her – her friends, her teachers, her doctors, her nurses. She enjoyed her life and always had a hope in life. As her mom and dad, her grandma and grandpa, we are proud of her! We are filled with the feelings that she is always near. We will keep all the happiness she gave us forever.

        我们怀着沉痛的心情向大家宣布我们的最爱 Sonata 在2015年6月14日离开了我们。在病痛折磨她的6年多里,她很勇敢地接受了一次又一次的治疗,忍受了常人难以忍受的痛苦,可她从来都没有哭喊过一次。她永远是把她最美的一面展现给大家。她喜欢我们这个家,喜欢她身边所有的人,包括她的亲戚、她的朋友、她的老师、她的医生和她的护士。她热爱每一天,对生活充满美好的梦想。即便在她病重的时候,她还是保持乐观,坚信将来一定会好起来。作为她的家人,我们为她骄傲。她走了,留给了我们永远的痛和无尽的想念。我们觉得她还一直在我们的身边。

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Thank you all who loves Sonata / 感谢所有爱 Sonata 的人

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遥在波罗的海边的宗文,Oliver和Meiko wrote on 2015-06-27 at am8:20
Jun Liou wrote on 2015-06-26 at pm10:33
I'm never going to forget all the amazing memories I made with Sonata. Ever since grade 3 we've had an amazing friendship, we always had a great time together. We went berry-picking, menchies, mink, indigo, starbucks, Richmond, and I'm honestly so honoured that I got to be her friend. She always had a bright smile on her face no matter what she was going through. She's so talented in music, academics, and art. I'm so glad I got to know her and journey through the last few years with her. I'm never going to forget you Sonata, I love you.
Kelly wrote on 2015-06-26 at pm8:43
Everyday I walk into class from the first day of grade 2 til now, Sonata has always greeted me with a warm smile. Sonata is not only just a great friend to me , she was also my first friend from Canada , she helped me with everything , from homework and to making friends . Sonata is my inspiration , she was not only smart but talented in music , she was intelligent, funny and she was always positive . There's many things I have learned from Sonata. I am very honoured to have been Sonatas friend . I will always miss you and I will never forget sonata .
Dr. Jeff wrote on 2015-06-26 at pm7:21
Always a smile and happy greeting on clinic day. We struggled through an ever worsening condition, but you always warmed everyone's heart and more. Even when I was late to see you, never anything but a smile. I had the honor and privilege to tale care of you after Dr. Bond and there was never a time that you didn't brighten my day. I picture you looking down on us, beside Dr. Bond. You will always be remembered as the sweetest teenage interested in everything....the crane you named Apollo building the new hospital...I hope you and Dr. Bond are catching up on things. We will always miss you.
Wei Zhao wrote on 2015-06-26 at pm4:53
Ali Chalmers wrote on 2015-06-26 at am7:51
My dear Sonata,

I have such wonderful memories of your time on 3F. You were never without that beautiful smile that would light up the room. Even if I was not your nurse on a particular day, I would always find ways to go visit and spend time in your room. The day you wrote (and performed) the poem dedicated to your hospital bed is a day I will always remember with a smile on my face.

You had a heart of gold. I still remember the day you and your wonderful mother INSISTED on making the nurses try bubble tea for the first time. You carefully selected flavours which you deemed the most delicious, and of course, even took my silly mango allergy into account. You were fun, brilliant, a wonderful story teller, and beautiful person inside and out. We were all so lucky to have gotten to have known you these past couple years.
May wrote on 2015-06-26 at am1:06
Hui Zheng wrote on 2015-06-26 at am12:15



Jessie Shao wrote on 2015-06-25 at pm10:04
to: Jing and Steven



Jessie Shao & Jason Liang wrote on 2015-06-25 at pm9:48





孔蕊 wrote on 2015-06-25 at pm9:01

想如常一样叫你的名字。看到你躺在花海中,安静的睡去,阿姨宁愿你能醒来,不属于眼前的这一切。就如Vanna所说:dead flower is for dead people,但不是给你。亲爱的孩子,不要远行,常常回到你爸爸妈妈的梦中,陪伴他们,告诉他们你一切安好,让他们安心!



Marie Wright (respiratory doctor at BC Children's Hospital) wrote on 2015-06-25 at pm6:35
Lovely Sonata,

I only met you a year ago but I will never forget your beautiful smile and positive attitude, which you maintained even at the most difficult of times. I am so sad for you and your parents that your time together was so short, as you clearly brought so much love and happiness to each other's lives.
Your intelligence, incredible bravery, and kindness will be remembered by everyone who was lucky enough to get to know you. I feel very honoured to have been one of these people.

'A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam
and for a brief moment its glory
and beauty belong to our world
but then it flies again
and though we wish it could have stayed...
we feel lucky to have seen it'

With love and fond memories, Dr Marie xxx
Linna wrote on 2015-06-25 at pm5:53
I had only seen you once but I will never forget your beautiful eyes that seems to ask me if I can save your life. I feel so sorry I couldn't do it as a doctor. Now you are away a little Angel. Wish you happiness in the heaven. Always bring your smile to your family and to all of us who love you.
We love you!
康小群 wrote on 2015-06-25 at pm4:00
Dear Sonata,


Sonata,从阿姨第一次见你,就感觉你是那样的与众不同,因为你是天使。你是Sunnie最好的朋友,也是我的好朋友,阿姨为能成为天使的朋友感到特别幸运。天使留给人间的是如此甜美的回忆,你亮晶晶的大眼睛、笑盈盈的脸总是在我的眼前,甜甜的声音总是在我的耳边。回想这几年我和 Sunnie在白石的业余时间几乎都是和你一起度过的,闭上眼睛脑海里出现的一幕幕都是和你在一起的时光,一起看电影、采草莓、摘蓝莓、逛书店、在海边散步、在花园里烧烤、一起喝咖啡、听你开心的笑、给我们讲故事,你和Sunnie一起读书、唱歌、弹琴、玩游戏、骑车、看演唱会的场景历历在目。无论我们去到哪里,车厢里总是充满你的欢声笑语。你给我的语音留言嗲嗲的、淘气的、兴奋的、害羞的,吵闹的、悄悄的......每当我们想你时就播放来听,笑着流泪。虽然你这么多年来一直经受着病痛的折磨,却从未听到过你哭泣、抱怨,我不知道那么瘦弱的身躯容纳着怎样的毅力与坚强。



爱你、想你, 康小群阿姨
Matt Lepin wrote on 2015-06-25 at pm2:15
It was a pleasure to teach Sonata this year. She was always smiling and always had a sparkle in her eye. Her work was always impeccable and she worked hard even when she didn't feel well. Sonata fought the good fight and now she can rest. She impacted so many people. I will be praying for her family.
Karen MacDonald wrote on 2015-06-25 at am9:56
Sonata was a beautiful, talented and an amazing person. I had the privilege of teaching Sonata in grade four. She was inquisitive , creative and wise beyond her years. Her work was always beautifully done and she inspired others to do their best.
Sonata's smile lit up the room. Even if she wasn't feeling great, that smile was there. I think that she was an inspiration to so many on so many levels. She inspired me to be a better teacher and to go home and practice the piano! I'll always remember the first time she played in a school talent show. I think that we were all pretty amazed. The last time I saw Sonata was last summer(I think) I met her and Mom in the school parking lot. I was so excited to see you both. And as always, there was that enormous smile and contagious laugh. I asked Sonata if I could give her a hug and was so pleased when she said yes. I will cherish that memory forever. Sonata was such an endearing child and I think that everyone who knew her loved her. I will never forget her. I hope that she is resting peacefully , now.
My love to Sonata's parents and grandparents.
Violeta Colombara wrote on 2015-06-24 at pm10:48
Sonata was an exceptional student and an inspiring young lady. She had a rare gift for writing. I looked forward to reading every thing she created for my class. I am honoured to have been her teacher.
Chris Randa wrote on 2015-06-24 at pm10:41
Sonata was truly a very special person. She lit up a room with her cheerful, big smile. She was so accomplished and always had plans for her future. She was a gentle spirit who will be missed but never forgotten.
lisa hiddleston wrote on 2015-06-24 at pm10:15
I knew you for only a short time when I taught you grade 7 Science. But in that short time, I recognized the potential and drive you had to take on new challenges and make change. I only wish the future could have seen the differences you would have made. Take care, little Angel. Sleep tight...
Connie wrote on 2015-06-24 at pm9:10
Dear Sonata,

It's hard to believe that I won't see your smiling face again.

I will always remember your cheerful smile and your love of music, books and good Chinese food. I'll be thinking of you every time I eat at one of the restaurants that you recommended.

It was always the best part of my day to visit you as your happiness was infectious and you had an unending hope.

I hope your parents and grandparents find some comfort in knowing what a great daughter they raised and how you will be remembered by everyone who had the pleasure of meeting you.

I picture you somewhere breathing easily, drinking bubble tea, reading a book and smiling...

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